Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Don't let your little boys go to bed . . .


How did this happen? I have a fourth grader, and a second grader (who's as tall as my fourth grader!) First day of school . . . gotta love it!
For those who haven't seen us in awhile, Joey (2nd grade) is on the lefty, Tommy (4th grade) is the tighty righty!! Pretty handsome kiddos, if I do say so myself!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Yummy, Yummy says my Tummy!

Sara will be five months old next week. With the other three, I waited until they were EXACTLY six months old to start cereal. But this time, I just couldn't wait anymore! If it looks like a six month old (she's actually 2 inches longer than JOEY was at this age! And according to my mom's records, she the same length I was at 11 months . . . 28 inches!) and acts like a six month old (she's been playing with spoons and making "eating" motions with her mouth for a couple weeks, plus rolling over both directions and nearly sitting on her own) it must be a six month old, right?!!

I'm pretty sure she was in there longer than she needed to be, and by all accounts could technically be older than she is! So, we started the rice cereal last night! SHE LOVED IT! She ate a bowl and a half! Which is good, because although she's longer than Joey was, she's nowhere NEAR his weight!! She only has one fat roll on her legs!! We've got some catching up to do ;) You gotta have 'em while they're still cute, right?!

The "this is good stuff" smile!

Taken at the tail end of the traditional mouth-full-of-mush sneeze!! Luckily the shrapnel missed the camera! EVERY baby must do this at least once a feeding, right!! My favorite is the mouth-full-of-peas sneeze! That one seems to do the most damage!!

Bad hair day . . .

From the day Anna was born it was bows and frills - it just fit! Well, Ms. Sara is a different story! She looked silly with bows in her hair at the hospital, those headbands that ALL babies wear look absolutely ridiculous on her (I don't know if it's 'cause she has so much hair, or if it's that her face shape doesn't lend itself to that particular look? but really, ridiculous is the right word!) and I put a super fluffy, frilly, girly dress on her for church one of the first times we took her . . . it gave her a rash! An honest to goodness "I'm-allergic-to-this-stuff" rash!!

The other day, I decided to give it another try. Maybe she'd look okay with a little sum-em, sum-em on top . . . well, as you can see . . . not so much!! So, we'll stick to the "just woke up" look! She actually has the double cow lick going on in the back - the kind where one grows one way and the other the other way! So what we're left with is STRAIGHT UP and blowin' in the wind!! But, hey, it works! ;)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A glitch already!

okay, so when I pull up my own blog, it only shows part of the first post - unless you click on the title on the right hand side! Then the whole thing appears! And, for some reason, all the comments are showing up without being prompted! I knew I was blog illiterate, but I figured the troubles would come later! Should've know it was too easy to be this easy ;) Or, maybe it's just my computer that does this - either way - this could be trickier than I thought!! But hey, if reading this kept you here long enough to hear the Barry Manilow song, it was well worth everyone's time!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The first chapter . . .

I promise this won't be all religious! But, as my first official post, and since I'm very new to this, I wanted to try adding an image not from my camera - - just for the "halibut" - - say it out loud and you'll get it ;)

Anyhoo - - this is probably my all time favorite Mormonad. The small print at the bottom says: IT'S OVERRATED. SOMETIMES THE CROWD IS JUST PLAIN WRONG.
Well that was easy . . . here we go . . .