Friday, May 29, 2009

Preschool Grad and Gems from Joey . . .

Am I a Scrooge to think that graduation from preschool (or kindergarten, or even 6th grade) is slight overkill?! Oh, well! It was a fun evening . . . Trey, the little boy standing next to Anna, is the reason I answer this question daily, "Mom, what grade do you have to be in to kiss boys?!" My answer: "COLLEGE."

And now, some GEMS from Joey's Second Grade "Quick Write Journal" which he brought home yesterday. I had the BEST time reading through it, and now present some of the best excerpts - totally unedited:

*One day my brother had namonea! It's when the fluooy gets worse and worse.

*My faverite song is Jigle bells. I like the jigle part.

*My faverite Ice crame flaver is choclite. I have ate it at Aretic Cerkle.

*If I was in a rodeo I would be scard. Becuse I would bounce up and down.

*I would vote for my dad beacuse my dad is seriuse. And strong. And fathful. (I assume
they'd been asked to write about whom they would vote for for president!)

*I don't have a faverite kind of socks. Becuse there all the same.

*My fridge is white. It has food in it. It does'nt have rotten food.

*I voted for Micane. Becuse people say Oboma lies. I dont know for shor. Goodbye.

*Oboma is presendent now. I am kind of sad. He chaned the rules. (P.S. This and the above do not necessarily represent his parent's political views ;) At least we know he'll think for himself!)

*I think that soldiers spend their day buying guns.

*I don't know what it would feel like to be a cow with no teeth.

*I'ts national hug Day today I would'nt hug anewon aspeshaley a boy Its creepy!

*If I foud the last bit of snow I would lock it in the frezer. But that would turn it into ice so I
don't know what I would do with the last bit of snow.

*If I could go on an amaganary trip to Ploto I would. Well first of all I wouldnt beable to beacuse
Ploto is more then 1,000.000.000 miles away from earth. But if I could I would shout IM THE

*You shoud respect a lady. Beacuse she might be carring a purse and if your not nice she might
just SlAP YOU.

*If I found one hundered dollers sitting on the ground I would pay tithing. (ten dollers) Then I
would pay for two D.S. games Yoshis Ilend, and Mario Kart D.S. So 100-65=35 So I would
have 35 dollers left. So I'd give the rest to my parents.

*If I was a composter I would write RAP muisc. Beacuse RAP is sort for RAPTORS I Think.
(their school mascot is a Raptor!)

*I don't really know what my summer vacacon plans are but I know I will have fun.

MAN, I LOVE THIS KID!! I hope summer vacacon IS fun . . . .

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Homage. . .

This sippy-cup needs it's own special post. I bought it for Tommy, YES, Tommy. Now, before you gag, please know that THIS particular cup has avoided the dreaded "lost for days with milk, no wait, that's cottage cheese" scenario! I don't know how, but it's retained it's original paint job, even after COUNTLESS washings - most of which were in the paint stripping dishwasher! You can STILL tell who made this cup! AMAZING! So, for that reason, I feel the need to pay homage to the cup that has survived 4 CHILDREN! Heck . . . I'VE BARELY survived 4 children! It will soon be time to retire our old friend, but until then. . .God Bless America. . .and it's celebratory 4th of July themed sippy-cups!