Friday, January 15, 2010


For some reason, I am unable to upload pics. SHOOT - because there's some good ones.
So, in the interest of being interesting - I'll ramble for a bit....

*Did you know it can take SIX MONTHS to remodel your kitchen?! (if only I could show pictures) Did you also know that the six months are TOTALLY worth it when it's finished? AND, did you know that we will never, Never, NEVER be remodeling our kitchen again?! I sure hope my taste doesn't change in the next 50-60 years ;)

*Did you know that I NEVER got as many days off from school as my children get? I went from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. EVERY DAY. None of this "1/2 day" stuff! Nor did we get MLK Jr. Day off from school. January was just one LONG stretch of school, school, school. Nothing to look forward to until February. And that was when I LIKED Valentine's Day. My children have just begun a 4 day weekend that started with a "half day" Friday and will end with them returning to school on a Wednesday . . . for another 1/2 day. What's the point?! And, did I mention that I walked to school - - uphill BOTH ways - - in the snow - - without boots ;)

*Did you know that I've been getting up at 6:30 every morning to excercise? The worst part is that I feel better and have more energy, have lost a little weight, and my skin has even seen benefits. DANG IT. I hate it when "they're" right ;)

*Did you know that I had a small bag of Hot Tamales the other day - I ate them in groups of four, and it came out even! My last handful had four in it - just like all the previous handfuls ;) It was very special ;)

*Did you know that I'm easily entertained?

*Did you know that "Rock Band" can be played by a 22 month old?! Well, she's not really playing, but she THINKS she is! (Again - awesome pic that won't load!) She strums the guitar and sings at the top of her lungs! It's the funnest thing I've watched in a long time!

*Did you know that I feel bad when I forget how good my life is, and I feel even worse that it takes a 7.0 earthquake somewhere else to remind me how blessed I am. Not that I was down on life, I just think I take things like my bed, my car, my food, water, a shower, my newly remodeled kitchen, the fact that I HAVE A KITCHEN and a house, and my family for granted. Frequently. I'm trying to stop.

*Did you know that?!