Thursday, March 17, 2011

a nutshell . . .

Moving Tommy and Joey to their new room means Anna and Sara
also get to make a move!
First night in the new bunkbeds.
(It was not as hard as I thought it would be to move my last baby out of a crib! Not even one single tear was shed. That's progress . . . .)

Anna turned 7 . . .teen. ;)
And, because I still have influence, it was a donut cake again!

It was SO FUN to watch her open her presents. SHE WAS THRILLED.
Completely and genuinely thrilled! With EVERYTHING!

We got her a pretty new dress, and because we can, got Sara a twinner dress!
Anna got to open both, then give the little one to Sara. And they both wanted, immediately, to wear them!
Valentine's Day:
My funny Valentine! And, quite frankly, the only really good thing about that wretched day!

Tommy's soccer team had a tournament in St. George President's Day weekend. And, OF COURSE, it was the one weekend that the weather was bad ;)
I've never been to St. George - still- and am kinda glad that the girls got to stay home!
I do intend to make it there someday, though. :)

Tommy Turned Twelve.
Because T.R. was taking everyone down to my brother and sister in law's house later that day (I had the second of two weddings to do flowers for, and Tommy had a merit badge pow wow in Provo early the next morning. So dear of dears, T.R., took all the kids. And dears of dears Robert and Rachel {mostly Rachel!} hosted them all. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!)
we celebrated in the morning. This meant ICE CREAM CAKE FOR BREAKFAST!!
How cool am I? Letting my children eat ice cream cake for breakfast!!
They all informed me that they never wanted ice cream cake for breakfast again ;)
Tommy and his loot. Not pictured is the camping backpack/sleeping bag/tent combo. For scout camps. I have a child old enough to go to scout camp. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
His favorite gift (besides the camping stuff...) was the cash!!
I do not recall giving him permission to turn 12. And it's a little upsetting.

And finally:
would you please check out the head of hair on this young lady.
I grew up with, and continue to have, the worst hair. EVER. Day after day of bad hair days.
AND LOOK WHAT SHE GOT!! I hadn't even brushed it yet in this picture!
Further proof that Heavenly Father does love us - - AND has a sense of humor!