Wednesday, September 15, 2010

That'll do . . .

A list of a few things I could live without (or live without hearing about):

1. Wednesdays
(don't know why, but I've never really cared for Wednesday. Especially now.
It is "short day" at the kid's school. blah.)

2. This chick.
double blah.
This one too.
Enough already.

3. The Snuggie
This one really ticks me off. Mainly because I didn't think of it first.
Coulda' been a millionaire.
4. The Snuggie. For Pets.

5. Pets
Not a fan.

6. Mosquitos
I will be asking, should I make it to heaven . . .WHY?

7. Mean people
Wouldn't it be great if everyone really DID treat others
how they expect to be treated?
(I apologize for the mild vulgarity here - but really. . . mean people suck.)

8. Blaming:
this thing
or this guy

for all the troubles in the world. REALLY?
Don't you think maybe it's a little bit our fault too?

9. Zits
I've done my time - shouldn't I have outgrown these by now?

10. Cancer
Of any kind ... in any one.
Next time I think I'll list: The things I CAN'T live without. That list should be much happier ;)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's all just politics . . .

Tommy is running for 6th grade class president. He came up with the idea for, and made the poster all by himself . . .

T.R. is running for Weber County Commissioner.
He came up with and paid for the poster with some help from his supporters ;)

I am running.... away. To Hawaii. I came up with the idea myself. I have no supporters.