Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Haunted . . .

Sara likes to "revisit" Halloween.
It it not unusual to have a Spooky Green Spider costume
running around our house, filled by a cute little girl!

However - it becomes really frightening when it is, instead, your
oldest boy sausage stuffed into said costume!

(tired of simply stepping over the discarded spider skin, he decided to don it!)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Four ones? I can work with that :D

I've spent the day with this princess . . .

who dresses to dance . . .

to Bruno Mars!
(one of his songs plays in the movie Tangled - thrilling when you're almost 3!)

These next few pictures are of some signs that have brought me great joy as I walk past them multiple times a day!

Tommy, Joey, and Anna made up a game to play with Joey's rubber duckie collection (20+ and counting!) It has something to do with the duckies earning points/money - and then they can choose where to spend it. They each opened some "stores" in hopes of the other duckies coming and spending their points/money there. :) I have put them in order of amusement:
This is one of Anna's...

Another of Anna's .. . (cold = called, hou = who)

Joey's . . . (please note the fine print at the bottom! It says:
price $15. holiday store is not responsible for the injury of you, or your kids. No refunds.)
hmm - - is his dad a lawyer or something?

Anna's . . .
(the only thing she asked for help with, on all of these signs, was
"how many zeros come after the 2 in 2 billion?")

Anna's swimming class:
:D Joy, I tell ya! Just Joy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

shhhh. . . .

don't tell . . . but mom didn't make any resolutions for the New Year.
That way
*Target can keep that feeding tube - it's attached to the checking account*
*the laundry can stay in a clean, mangled, wrinkly pile in the dryer*
*those extra 6 pounds don't have to pack up and move - 'cause really, who likes to move?*
*all those unread books can keep that cozy layer of dust*
*as a matter of fact - it's safe to assume that the whole house will keep it's cozy layer*
*the candy can stay in the cupboard*
*and, seriously . . a big fat savings account for braces, college, weddings, and/or rainy days is overrated*
LIFE IS GOOD - WHY shake it up just 'cause there's a new calendar?
Plus, it's an odd number year . . . . no good can come from making resolutions in an odd year.