Saturday, November 28, 2009

Then how the reindeer loved him. . .

I bought these slippers for myself (even though they were too small. I just thought they were too cute to pass up.) I wore them a couple times, then Joey asked if he could try them on.
He hasn't taken them off since!
He even named them... the one on the left is "Slip"
on the right is "Mindy"!!
Man, I love that kid!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

And then. . .

Joey turned 9. . . . (holy cow. he's 9.)

Sara had her first Hostess Cupcake. . .

Anna had her two bottom teeth pulled by the dentist! Her permanent teeth have already grown in. . . which is why the dentist had to pull the babies! They weren't even loose yet. Sure saved us ALOT of drama (and trauma). Maybe we'll get lucky and the dentist will have to pull ALL of them out?! And maybe we can convince the tooth fairy to just pay the dentist!!
(She, too, had had a Hostess Cupcake!)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat . . . Smell my Feet . . .

Give me something Good to Eat!!
Thank you!
Harry Potter, Minnie Mouse, the fire ball (?), and the uninterested Utah Ute Cheerleader.

At the Cousin Halloween Party.
FYI. . . 12 kids ages 10.5 and under + candy, games, paint and pizza = CRAZINESS!

We ate pizza, decorated pumpkins, wrapped each other up like mummies, played "BOO"ngo, and ended with the classic "DON'T EAT PETE"! Good times!

YEAH for Halloween!
(and letter stickers!)