Wednesday, May 18, 2011

He is . . .

the very model of a Modern Major General

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I heart . . .

Let me tell you a little about me . . .

I have difficulties falling asleep. It has much to do with the fact that my brain does not have an "off" switch. Also, the fact that I tend to worry about things . . . things past, things present, and even things future that may or may not actually happen. sigh.
I once had a full blown panic attack, complete with accelerated heart rate and hyperventilation, while trying to fall asleep one night, over thoughts of what in the world I would do if my mini-van plunged into a large body of water and sank. With me and my children in it. ? Where, anywhere near me, is there a large enough body of water that I could possibly plunge into? This should not be a worry of mine, yet there I was, PANICKING about it. Again, sigh.
To combat this and other such IRRATIONAL thoughts, I've taken to "pretending" myself to sleep! *cuck-oo*
This means that, to occupy my mind and not allow it to wander to such dark places, I imagine myself in a different life scenario. Now, this does not mean that I'm in any way not content with my current life situation . . . it is simply a tool I use to prevent ending up in the loony bin compliments of a wandering mind.
These "different life scenarios" often include living in New York. As a stylish, classy New York citizen (and that, my friends, just proves how far fetched these "pretending" sessions have to be! The word classy, stylish and myself are not mentioned in the same sentence under normal circumstances!) meeting other stylish, classy New Yorkers. Including, but not limited to, Isaac Mizrahi. This guy is a HOOT! I'd love to spend an evening over dinner with him. Fascinating.
I feel another good night's sleep coming on ;)