Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to U & U & U. . .

3 Birthdays in 6 weeks = Where is Angela and the Party Planning Committee
When I need them?!

It started with Anna turning 6. I don't like cake, and still have a little bit of influence over the kiddos - thus the DONUT CAKE!! Yummy!
She got LOTS of GIRLY stuff!! Princesses and accessories, fingernail polish and accessories GALORE, Paperoni's, Bendaroos, Aqua Sand, and an attitude! Luckily, the attitude left the day after the Birthday. Phew. That was close!
Again, my influence prevailed and Tommy had a Birthday Pie to celebrate turning 11! He
got Scout Stuff and Cash. Lots o' cash. What more could a broke 11 year old want?!
And to end it all - Ms. Sara turned 2! 2?! How is this possible?
I made cupcakes for her 'cause, well. . . I had to! They were "Abby Caddabby" cupcakes. Multi-layered, purple, pink, turquoise, and white with pink frosting and purple, pink and white sprinkles in Abby Cadabby paper cups! THAT'S how you do cake!! There were also brownies (which I ate!)
This girl has a serious princess addiction problem!! LOVES them. A LOT. After opening her presents, she decided she HAD to try it all on! Who am I to tell a 2 year old no?!

I have decided that if I had ONE super power, it would be the ability to freeze time. And I would use it RIGHT NOW! At 11, 9 1/2, 6, and 2 I think they're just right ;)
Since that is not possible, I'll enjoy it while it lasts and HANG ON TIGHT for next year!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That's my Girl . . .

That's right . . . she wears shoes to take a nap!! Why, you ask? Because they're new, they're FABULOUS, and because her mother understands the importance of a great pair of new shoes, and picking her battles!! These particular shoes, or Abbey Cadabby flip-flops if you prefer, would've been for her birthday at the end of the month - but she saw me trying to sneak them into the cart - - and AGAIN, you gotta pick your battles! Just wait until we paint those little toenails . . . those babies are NEVER coming off!!