Monday, March 12, 2012


Happy New Year! No pictures.... surprise. We really did ring in the new year in style, though. Really!! We had our traditional sparklers and poppers celebration. Then cookies and hot chocolate. Then we played RockBand until midnight. FUN! really, it was. - Moving on - -

Tommy won 2nd place at the district science fair on a project he did 98% of the work for by himself. In fact, he got quite miffed when I 1. reminded him about it 2. tried to offer suggestions. DRAMA, anyone?! ;) He did a really great job. He titled it "The Tetris Effect". He tested different age groups/sexes to see if the video game Tetris will, in fact, improve your reaction time. (As we all know, the claim is that video games improve your eye/hand coordination and reaction times. yah, right! ) According to his project, though, the game can help improve your reaction time! WHO KNEW!!


Tommy and his friend, Riley. They both won 2nd place.
Tommy also won an award from the American Psychological Association. STUD!!