Monday, March 12, 2012

O, Christmas ...

Christmas this year (2011) was a whirlwind of fun and excitement... SO MUCH fun and excitement, in fact, that we decided not to take pictures of any of it.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I seriously need to figure out some way to surgically implant a camera somewhere on my body. Perhaps my forehead. Otherwise, there will be no proof for my poor children that they actually had a childhood. As a side note: I like it when Christmas falls on Sunday. I didn't when I was young - - but I do now. I suppose it happens about the same time you stop dreading General Conference?!
Our tree
I am currently charging the video camera in the hopes that we actually did capture SOME sort of memorable moment. Possibly two memorable moments? *sigh*
As another side note: This Christmas season was CRAZY. I literally had one full-blown anxiety attack, complete with tears, along with a dozen other minor attacks. Moral of the story: I am NOT a good working mom. I was banking quite a few hours as The Fancy Flower Girl - helping the Newgate Mall deck themselves. Plus, trying to fit in quality family time, PLUS trying to assist Santa. Plus, trying to accept the fact that I'm no longer a Primary worker. I'm seriously not cut out for it. And, we'll go ahead and blame the lack of pictures on that ;) HECK, I don't even have pics of most of the work I did @ the mall. Again, how do we prove it even happened?
..... come to think of it.... it did just seem like a bad dream.


Thueson Family said...

Amy -- I have a solution to your no pictures drama! You need and iPhone! It is always in your pocket (And sometimes needs to be surgically removed) and they do have an ap for that -- I am certain Siri would even remind you to take some pictures if you told her to. She'll even call you Fancy Flower Girl!

amy morgan said...

Brilliant ;)

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