Monday, March 12, 2012

Soccer biz...

For whatever reason, my boys like to play the positions in their respective "favorite" sports where the balls come flying at them. RIGHT at them.
Not gonna lie, it makes me cringe every now and then!
(at least Joey, as baseball catcher, has protective gear!)

Tommy: aka The Keeper
(because, apparently once you're out of AYSO, it's not cool to say "goalie")

Occasionally, if Cross Fire is far enough ahead, the coach will let Tommy play
a different position. He then tries AS HARD AS HE CAN to score a goal, as he does
not have the opportunity to be on that side of a goal very often.
He came very close to passing out/puking after one such game because
he'd been running so fast and hard for so long! He scored a goal, though!

*Confession: I am not a fan. Of soccer. oops. ;) But, I am a fan of Tommy, so I sit through most of the games, still trying to understand "off sides" (I get it in football, if that helps?!) and still trying to understand WHY in the world you'd want to run that much. willingly. without someone chasing you. ? Plus, I got a killer tan line last summer, so I suppose it's do-able for a little while longer ;)